Biscuits, cookies, gingerbread and other baked goods.

Among the most purchased, most popular foods and snacks on supermarket shelves today are hard biscuits, molded biscuits and cookies in all possible shapes and flavors. We specialize in planning and implementing complete biscuit and cookie production lines, among other things, including production lines for soft and hard biscuits and cookies, cocktail crackers and many other product varieties. In close cooperation with our partners, we now offer a wide range of automated systems and machines for biscuit, cookie, molded biscuit and gingerbread production.

Regardless of the baked good you want to manufacture, we can support you in meeting your process and product requirements.

Product overview

Biscuits and cookies

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Machine overview

Raw material handling

Dough mixing and handling

Rotary molders or dough band formers

Depositors, wirecutting machines, extruders


Decorating systems

Cooling lines


Oven systems

Direct gas fired oven

Convection oven

Indirect radiant cyclotherm oven

Hybrid oven

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