Individual packaging solutions

Every application, every product requires an individually tailored packaging solution. We offer packaging systems that allow our customers to meet the increasing consumer expectations for practical and environmentally-friendly packaging. From primary packaging to secondary packaging to suitable transport cartons – our packaging systems are distinguished by the balance of efficiency, product protection and flexibility.

When planning your production line, we can immediately consider the packaging process and so integrate it efficiently into the entire manufacturing process. Our systems also allow seamless integration into existing production environments. The modern, flexible packaging solutions from Schaller can cater to changes in production requirements.

Whether biscuits, cookies, cereals or wafer products – we make sure that your product is safely and attractively packaged to market requirements.

Overview of our packaging systems

Primary packaging

Horizontal flowpack machines

Vertical flowpack machines

Wrapping machines

X-Fold packaging

Secondary packaging

Top loading


Flow pack (Family pack)

Omori India

Portioning Distribution and feeding systems

Moderate and high speed horizontal flowpack wrap machines

Packaging machines for a broad spectrum of biscuits and cookies, wafers waffles and chocolate bars to pralines and noodles

Sandwiching machines for biscuits and cookies

Portioning Distribution and feeding systems

Chocolate and candy packaging wrapping machines
for many different product types:

Chocolate pralines
Chocolate bars
Candy bars
Coated products
Hard candy
Gelatin Jelly candy
Chocolate truffles and eggs


New Era

Packaging solutions for hard biscuits and crackers, molded biscuits and cookies

Portioning Distribution and feeding systems

Primary and secondary packaging

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