Extrusion – cereals and much more

Extrusion refers to a raw mixture being pressed through a discharge nozzle using pressure and heat. When discharged through the extruder, the product has a strongly increased volume. Our range of machines cover the full spectrum of production of extruded cereal products. From the extruder itself to dryer systems to systems to flake, roast and coat, we can advise you in the selection of the suitable components for your finished product.

The processing of corn, rice, wheat, millet, barley and other cereal grains offers the basis for fillings for interesting products. We are happy to advise you in building your production line for breakfast cereals. Manufacture your breakfast products in different shapes, textures and flavors, which are based on current trends in the market and the wishes of consumers.

The extrusion process allows the manufacturing of a multitude of products from different raw materials.

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